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I'm OLiA!

Aka The Ballet Educator for adults.

I help adult ballet students unhide their inner ballerina, by teaching them my proven, science-based C.O.R.E curriculum.

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I am the science-focused ballet educator who is teaching adult students online following  a thorough and proven ballet curriculum. 

Ballet technique is a concoction of skills which can be learnt by those who are ready to dedicate themselves to it. Body type, age, and talent have little to nothing to do with performance. 

I took my first ballet lesson when I was five, and I still feel equally mesmerised every time I immerse myself in this art. I’ve always felt called to help others along their ballet journey.

After being qualified with two Diplomas in Dance Education and a Masters’ degree in Dance and teaching dozens of students on and off line, I deeply understand anatomy, growth, and pedagogy. My experience has given me enough knowledge to develop my C.O.R.E. (Centre Outline Rotation Experience) framework.

This helps me guide my students in order for them to develop their overall alignment, technique, and musicality until they uncover the ballerina they are hiding inside.


ballet classes
This is me at age 6, at my first ever performance.

In love with ballet since I was 3!

Since age 3, I longed for ballet lessons, but the local studio required children aged five and above. Every graceful dancer en pointe and every ballet performance I witnessed, courtesy of my mother’s frequent visits to the theatre, filled me with a profound sense of wonder and awe. 😲

To this day, the memories of my very first ballet class remain vivid in my mind.  Bursting with excitement, I could hardly believe that my moment had finally come!

Since then, ballet has bestowed upon me the gifts of discipline and perseverance, but most importantly the pure bliss of self-expression through the fluidity of movement.

As a ballet instructor, I seek to inspire my students just as I was inspired on that momentous first day.

Online classes for adult ballet students
Musical Theatre performance, circa 2013

To Ballet and Beyond...

I’ve been trained in various dance styles, including Modern Theatre, Modern Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre. I’ve even dipped my toes in Hip Hop and Flamenco at some point (really not my thing… 😆).

I’m qualified to teach Modern Theatre and Tap. In fact, I taught 🩰 ballet, 🎶 modern, and 🎩 tap for many years, and I have entered a lot of students in dance exams in all of these styles. None of them have ever scored anything less than a Merit.

Musical Theatre is definitely my second biggest love! 💫 The reason why I have devoted myself completely to teaching ballet, specifically to adults, is because it has always been my absolute favourite. I know that my finest teaching skills shine when teaching ballet, and working with adults brings me immense joy.


Adult Ballet Classes

[Olia's] supportive, knowledgeable, and brings a lot of passion to her work. I'm delighted to share that I placed second in the beginner solo section and credit Olia with helping make it happen! 

Kimberly Wilson

Adult Ballet Classes

Working with Olia is one of the best decisions I've made on my ballet journey. She has given me tools and tips that have improved my confidence and performance. [...] Having Olia as a mentor is the last piece of the puzzle that will help any dancer achieve their goals. Every dancer can benefit from her wealth of knowledge, technical experience, and psychology of ballet. [...] She is the Ballet Bestie you never knew you needed but always wanted. 💗

Stephanie Hickerty


Olia and Fen
Fen, the dog 🐺
Olia and Merlin
Merlin, the cat 🧙

Out of all my passions, there’s one that holds a special place in my heart, even surpassing my love for ballet—the animal kingdom! 🐾 The unconditional love that dogs give humans never ceases to amaze me, and the unique quirks of my feline friends always bring a smile to my face. 🐶

Spending time with animals has been an incredible learning experience for me. They’ve taught me valuable life lessons that I carry with me every day:

💞 Animals have shown me that it’s never awkward to express your feelings. Whether it’s wagging their tails or purring with contentment, they effortlessly communicate their emotions, reminding me of the importance of genuine self-expression.

🐱 They’ve also taught me the significance of setting boundaries and choosing solitude when needed. Just like cats who gracefully retreat to their own space, it’s essential to honour our personal boundaries and embrace moments of solitude for self-care and reflection.

🐈 Having pets has taught me the importance of playtime, regardless of age. Watching their playful antics and engaging in interactive sessions has reminded me to prioritise joy and embrace my inner child, even as an adult. 

🐩 When it comes to fear or anxiety, animals have shown me the power of seeking comfort in the presence of loved ones. Whether it’s a warm hug or cuddling with a furry companion, these simple acts can provide a sense of security and reassurance during challenging times.

Asking me if I’m a cat or dog person is an impossible question to answer—I simply can’t choose! 🐕🐈‍⬛


Olia in Serifos

I am an island girl, and nothing fulfils me more than sitting in the sun ☀️ by the sea. 🌊🧜🏼‍♀️

I originally come from a small but magical Greek island in the Aegean sea, called Serifos. Look it up!


In my spare time, you’ll find me learning about the Universe. 🪐

Nothing fascinates me more than learning about the Cosmos we’re part of.  💫 

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I could live my life just by quoting F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! 🗽

In case you’re wondering, I am a Monica. I KNOW!


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